No-Bake Tofu Cheesecake

A while ago, I came across a recipe for tofu cheesecake. (I LOVE TOFU) I had it once before in an organic restaurant but it was NOT nice, so I gave up on the idea of making it. BUT a few days ago when I was on youtube I found another tofu cheesecake recipe from a really good channel, Cooking with Dog. I have previously followed several recipes from this channel and the final products all seemed to be good so I decided to give this a try.

This was a SUPER EASY AND QUICK recipe! The cheesecake tasted nice but, weirdly, it didn’t taste of tofu at all. It tasted really just like an ordinary cheesecake, except smoother. But I still loved it because I felt so healthy eating it – no guilty pleasure, hurrah! I was wondering whether baked tofu cheesecake would have a stronger tofu flavour so I might give that a go as well very soon.

Here goes the recipeee (for a 6 inch tofu cheesecake) –


60g of Graham crackers or other unsweetened biscuits

30g of butter

50ml of whipping cream

100g of plain yoghurt

40g of sugar

100g of cream cheese

100g of tofu

1 tablespoon of lemon juice

5g of gelatin powder 50ml of hot water (approximately 80°C)

A 6 inch cake pan with a removable bottom


1) Melt the butter in a double boiler.

2) Line the bottom of the cake pan with parchment paper.

3) Crush the biscuit until they are fine (this may take a while unless you use a blender).

4) Add the melted butter into the crushed crackers and mix them thoroughly.

5) Pour the mixture of melted butter and crushed crackers into the cake pan and spread the mixture until the whole bottom of the tin is covered. Press the crackers evenly and firmly onto the bottom of the cake pan – this will ease the removal of the cheesecake in the end but be sure not to press too hard otherwise it will be too hard. Store the pan in the fridge.

6) Put the whipping cream, plain yoghurt, tofu, cream cheese, sugar and lemon juice into a blender. Mix the mixture under the “pulse” setting and then mix until the mixture becomes smooth.

7) Dissolve the gelatin powder in the hot water. Make sure that it is completely dissolved – this may take a few minutes. Add this into the blender and mix until it is completely incorporated into the mixture.

8) Pour this mixture into the chilled cake pan.

9) Keep refrigerated for at least three hours.

I decorated the cheesecake with green tea powder and dried osmanthus. You can also decorate it with lemon zest or passion fruit.

This is how my cheesecake looked like –

Photo 22-08-2013 04 15 53 AM          Photo 22-08-2013 04 18 34 AMPhoto 22-08-2013 04 16 51 AM          Photo 22-08-2013 04 17 41 AM


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